How are gifts made to the Minutemen Club used?

Gifts made to the Minutemen Club support all 21 UMass athletic teams towards scholarship and operational support.

Is my contribution to the Minutemen Club tax deductible?

Yes, the Internal Revenue service allows a full deduction on contributions where there is no tangible or intangible benefit to the donor, otherwise an 80% deduction is allowed when the benefit is received. Contact your financial advisor for detailed information.

Why is it important for Alumni, Parents, Friends, Season Ticket Holders, and Fans of UMass Athletics to join the Minutemen Club through a charitable donation?

For UMass to remain competitive and provide our student-athletes and coaches with scholarship support, operational costs and team travel expenses private support is absolutely critical.

How does my donation to the Minutemen Club affect my season tickets?

All seating and parking decisions are determined first by Minutemen Club Membership level and then by amount of priority points held by members within each level. Therefore, the most significant determining factor in season ticket seating and parking locations is your Minutemen Club Membership level.

I currently support a sport specific fund, will I receive Minutemen Club benefits if I continue to support that sport specific fund?

Yes, you will receive the outlined benefits of the Minutemen Club if you continue to support a sport specific fund. Your membership level will be based on your total annual contribution to UMass Athletics.

Do my donations to sport specific fund(s) count towards my Minutemen
Club membership level?

Yes, ALL donations to UMass Athletics are included when determining your Minutemen Club Membership Level. For example, a donor who contributes $500 to the Minutemen Club and makes an additional gift of $500 to the Court Club is recognized as an All-Conference member based on their overall $1000 contribution to UMass Athletics.

How many members are there in the Minutemen Club?

There are over 2,000 active Minutemen Club members.

Who can join the Minutemen Club?

All UMass fans are encouraged to join the Minutemen Club.

Can I pay a Minutemen Club donation in installments?

You can make monthly payments toward your Minutemen Club pledge. Equal monthly payments can be charged to your credit card on the 1st of each month. Please contact a Minutemen Club staff member to discuss payment plan options.

Is it possible to change my seat location?

You may make a request to move your seat location. All seat location requests are subject to availability and are fulfilled based on the priority point system. If you would like to make a seat location request, please indicate this on your pledge form.

Where can I purchase official Minutemen Club apparel?

To purchase your official Minutemen Club apparel check out our NEW fan shop website at: www.theminutemenclub.skorfanshop.com

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